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discontent among the Karnataka Congress over the extension of the Cabinet

According to insiders, the Karnataka Congress, which swept to victory after the May 10 Assembly elections, is now divided over the cabinet enlargement exercise.
Congress officials revealed that there is simmering unhappiness among senior party leaders who were passed over for cabinet positions, despite the fact that no one has dared to publicly voice their displeasure.
BK Hariprasad, a senior politician and ardent supporter of the Sonia Gandhi family, is thinking of resigning from his position as MLC and leader of the opposition in the council since the party did not provide him a place in the government. According to those close to him, he was astonished to hear about the news.
The party seems to have ousted veteran Congress politician RV Deshpande after he declined to accept the position of Assembly Speaker.
According to the source, the senior leader's frantic lobbying in New Delhi was ineffective. The state unit has also claimed that Deshpande, a savvy politician, failed to support the party during trying times.
Shivalinge Gowda, who resigned from the opposition to previous Prime Minister HD and joined the Congress Due to the same cause, the Deve Gowda family from JD(S) is dissatisfied. “I feel sorrow. He met Siddaramaiah at his home and said, “I won't say anything now.
Senior politicians Vinay Kulkarni, who won from Dharwad Rural without running in the area, and TB Jayachandra, who represents the Vokkaliga group, are also dissatisfied. Vinay Kulkarni, the blue-eyed son of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, is a defendant in the murder of a BJP activist.
Additionally, the BJP defectors Jagadish Shettar and Laxman Savadi were not awarded cabinet positions. Jagadish Shettar has been promised an MLC seat and subsequently his appointment to the government, while Savadi has been guaranteed an allocation of cabinet slots at a later period.
Rudrappa Lamani, a respected politician, was also left out of the government. Rudrappa Lamani, the head of our banjara community, had his name on the list up until yesterday night, but today we saw that it was missing. We will protest if our leader is denied the ministerial position since we gave Congress 75 percent of the vote in the election, and we believe that our community should have at least one leader, according to his followers.
In response to a question on this development, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah asked the media on Saturday whether any of the leaders had directly expressed their displeasure with the cabinet enlargement. No such development is occurring, he said.

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