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India Must Ensure That No Attempt Is Made to Unilaterally Change the Status Quo in Border Areas Due to China's "Very Complicated Challenge": Jaishankar

India confronts a “very complicated challenge” from China, according to External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, and the Narendra Modi administration has taken efforts to guarantee that no attempts are made to unilaterally alter the status quo in the border regions. In the last three years, this difficulty has been “very visible” in border regions, according to Jaishankar, who also said that both nations must establish a balance in their relationship; however, it must be on the other party's terms.

Let's say that the two countries' peace and tranquility are disrupted. In such event, their relationship won't be impacted, the minister added, speaking at the Anant National University in this city on “Modi's India: A Rising Power.” “Of course, China presents a unique issue when I discuss major powers. This task is really difficult, but over the last three years it has become more obvious along the borders, according to Jaishankar, who was ostensibly alluding to China's intrusions into eastern Ladakh.

“There are undoubtedly replies that must be given, and the administration has done so. And a significant amount of money to guarantee that no effort is made to unilaterally alter the status quo in the border regions,” he added. The two nations will need to achieve some kind of balance, and all previous administrations have made efforts to do so in some manner, according to the external affairs minister.

But the conditions of that balance cannot be set by the other side. It is not a balance then. There must be a reciprocal benefit, he insisted. Relationships must be built on mutual respect, sensitivity, and interest, according to Jaishankar.

He said that India can conceive of a better relationship with China if it sees respect, sensitivity, and acknowledgment from China. “How can we get along long term if you don't respect me, if you are not sensitive to my concerns, if you ignore my interest?” he asked. But if we don't, I believe we ought to voice our disagreement firmly and fight up for our rights. Unfortunately, that is the scenario right now,” he stated.

Jaishankar emphasized the need to enhance ties with both close and distant neighbors while discussing India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to him, we are now connected to our neighbors, who have always been near to India, via roads, trains, canals, and energy grid connections. These neighbors include Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Nothing highlighted that more vividly than what occurred to Sri Lanka last year when it went through a very profound economic crisis, he added. “The linkage and perception today of India in the neighborhood has changed,” he said. “And we have genuinely taken a step ahead that none of us had ever taken before. In comparison to the IMF, we have done more for Sri Lanka, the official said.

The Gujarati Rajya Sabha member further said that the Modi administration is attempting to enlarge the neighborhood. “When I talk about the neighborhood, I see a significant shift in our Indo-Pacific; strategically, what occurs there is quite concerning to us. The ascent of China and the US's relative caution in regards to its own obligations are two additional significant shifts that are occurring at the same time, he said.

The Quad nations are now debating topics such as vaccinations, 5G, infrastructure connectivity, and marine cooperation. According to Jaishankar, India also has relations with a number of nations to the west, including Israel, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. “Under PM Modi, we are not only considering tomorrow; we are not even considering the next term. We are really thinking beyond. Without exaggeration, we are currently building the groundwork for what is known as the global footprint in many aspects, he said.

According to Jaishankar, China's ascent was the only one that could be compared, hence India's rise has a very unique importance in the globe.

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