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Rahul recalls his injury, saying, “Everyone had their fingers crossed hoping it wasn’t big but after scans”

<p>Afit-again KL Rahul is keen to seize any chance that may present itself now that he is back in the Indian team’s locker room after a protracted injury layoff. If given the opportunity to bat against Pakistan in the Asia Cup Super-Four game on Sunday, he will do so for the first time since May 2023.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-172159″ src=”” alt=” the hca has asked bcci to reschedule pakistans warm up match for the icc odi world” width=”1330″ height=”738″ srcset=” 301w,×83.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1330px) 100vw, 1330px” title=”Rahul recalls his injury, saying, "Everyone had their fingers crossed hoping it wasn't big but after scans" 3″></p>
<p>In an Indian Premier League (IPL) match against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in Lucknow earlier this year, Rahul injured himself while fielding. He had to have surgery for the injury, and that was followed by a quick recovery process that kept him off the field for more than four months.</p>
<p>Rahul remembered the event in which he got the injury and praised the BCCI and physios for taking care of his recovery before to the crucial game against Pakistan.</p>
<p>I attempted to chase a ball, but my tendon ruptured. My quadriceps tendon was torn apart by a full-blown tear. When it occurred, my family, the franchise, and everyone else crossed their fingers that it was just a minor strain that would pass in two weeks rather than anything more serious.</p>
<p>“However, after scanning, we discovered that it was a complete tear, and it was evident that I could recover from it after having surgery. I would want to thank BCCI, physios, and doctors who made sure I had the finest care and surgery. It took us a few days to determine where I should go for surgery and who the best surgeon was. Rahul told, “You need the support of people at such moments, and I had it.</p>
<p>Rahul is returning to play for India after spending several weeks at the National Cricket Academy (NCA). He attempted to make a comeback at the start of the Asia Cup, but a niggle he got during recovery prevented him from playing in the first two games.</p>
<p>“Getting rid of the pain component of things was the toughest task. When you do things step by step, you can only succeed when you go through that. At the NCA, I was under the care of some excellent physiotherapists and trainers who gave me great guidance and knew when to push me and when to back off.</p>
<p>As soon as that occurred, skill took over, and I began running and doing all of stuff. I was actually ahead and thought I could return much before the Asia Cup and give myself a lot of time and prepare myself properly, but regrettably in the middle of doing so, I acquired a tiny niggle right before I could come back into the squad, which was a major bummer. But sadly, I had one more niggle that caused me to stumble,” he said.</p>
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