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Actress Hemangi Kavi’s Comments Regarding Periods

<p>Hemangi Kavi is a popular speaker on women’s problems in Marathi. She is now making headlines due to her comments on menstruation. In an interview with Isapaniti on YouTube, Hemangi Kavi discussed her thoughts about menstruation and the social conventions around them. Menstruation was allegedly “not observed” in her home, according to her. And it has been like way for many years, she said. Sit aside if that (periods) upsets you. But if not, feel free to visit us with no issues. Nothing is wrong with it. According to Hemangi, no one in her home compels a woman to sit alone during her period out of respect for other people’s personal hygiene; nonetheless, she is free to do so if she chooses. She said that if a family practices certain customs, then everyone should do the same. Hemangi added that their community also enjoys this independence. She has been a target of trolling for her opinions on these topics, but this hasn’t stopped her from speaking up.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-73887″ src=”×2-11zon-750×500.png” alt=”” width=”1565″ height=”1043″ srcset=”×2-11zon-750×500.png 750w,×2-11zon-1024×683.png 1024w,×2-11zon-768×512.png 768w,×2-11zon-150×100.png 150w,×2-11zon.png 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 1565px) 100vw, 1565px” /></p>
<p>Hemangi Kavi has also spoken out on matters pertaining to cleanliness. She sent a long letter on social media in August 2020, during the Covid-19 outbreak, to raise awareness of the need of personal cleanliness. She recommended that parents teach their children how to properly use a Western toilet in her article. She went into great detail about the widespread yet disregarded unsanitary restroom practices. She advised males to consider menstruation hygiene for women as well.</p>
<p>“Both men and women!” continued the letter. Please ask questions and learn how to use the #Commode if you are unsure. since it immediately affects both of their health and hygiene! Everyone should discuss this in public! Sometimes after completing their task, some folks don’t even flush. Why? Shouldn’t you be able to accomplish anything with only the push of a button? You must use it all day again, I suppose. In addition, she advised anybody who did not know how to use a toilet to Google it.</p>
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