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JITO to celebrate JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav

• JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav to celebrate India’s 75 years of independence
• The celebration kicks off in July and will be concluded at the end of August 2023.
• JITO is planning to plant 75 thousand trees across the country

Mumbai, 12th  July 2023: Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), to celebrate India’s 75 years of independence with JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav. The celebration kicks off in July and will be concluded at the end of August 2023. JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav will be a unique celebration with a collective vision for the future with a strong focus on Economic Growth, Future Technologies, Empowerment of Women & Youth, Social & Spiritual Awareness and Global Leadership.

JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav will be celebrated through various events like Startup & Innovation Week, planned from 8th to 15 Jul 2023, that caters to the young generation for encouraging innovative ideas and employment opportunities. Skillathon Week is a unique online training series for skill development where JITO has identified 108 skills made available for Rs. 108 only for developing skills of every age group. The organizer has successfully received registration of 3000 people for Skillathon scheduled from 15th to 21st July 2023. The initiative is expected to have a 1.50 Cr digital marketing reach. Tree Plantation Week – JITO will contribute to a greener environment with tree plantation drive from 22nd to 28th July. Women Empowerment & Job Fair Week will be from 28 Jul to 8 Aug 2023. Patriotic & Blood Donation Week will be from 9th to 15th Aug 2023, during which JITO will celebrate the patriotic week and pump our nation with the most important service of the blood donation drive. In the patriotic week, the members of JITO and many people of Jain society will come together to form a human tricolour, in which 7500 people will participate by wearing orange, white and green colours to make the tricolour flag. The celebration will be concluded with Amritkaal Mahotsav Conclave – 26th to 27th Aug 2023.

Mr Sukhraj Nahar, Chairman JITO Apex, said, “We are happy to announce JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav to celebrate India’s 75 years of independence. Through JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav we wish to strengthen our collective mission to empower and uplift our community and focus on our initiative towards Economic Growth, Future Technologies, Empowerment of Women & Youth, Social & Spiritual Awareness and Global Leadership.
 JITO Apex Secretary General Manoj Mehta said that during this tree plantation week, there is a target of planting 75 thousand trees across the country. We are glad to announce that about 16000 trees are planted till date. Preparations are in full swing for the JITO Amritkaal festival to be celebrated nationwide. To enhance the overall experience of the event, JITO has developed a comprehensive design kit for participants. The kit includes jingles, Zoom backgrounds, profile picture templates for WhatsApp and social media accounts, and commercial designs for promotional materials like t-shirts, caps, bags, car stickers, and keychains. Additionally, standees and banners for the JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav to be placed at strategic locations, further adding to the vibrant ambiance of the celebrations. These design kits ensure participants can fully immerse themselves in the spirit of the festival. JITO chapters across the country have been encouraged to plan events in line with the designated themes for each event week.
All the nine zones of JITO across the country, which have 15 thousand 114 members from 68 chapters, will be contributing and celebrating JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav together. It is such a special event in the country where people in large numbers from across the country are participating to create a new kind of social unity.

Under the visionary leadership of JITO Apex Chairman Sukhraj Nahar, the JITO Amritkaal Mahotsav is poised to be a grand success. The festival will serve as a platform for celebration and leave a lasting impact on society, emphasizing the importance of unity, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility.

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of independence and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements.

About JITO

Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO) is a unique, multi-stakeholder community of visionary Jain Industrialists, Businessmen & Professionals who share a commitment to shape the future of the community and society at large. The vision of the Organisation To become a World Class organization to achieve higher economic prosperity, to take care of the underprivileged and to enrich humanity with violence-free, poverty-free and disease-free world.

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